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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Birth Preparation


This 1-visit program is aimed to limit injury to the pelvic floor and more.

We invite you and your birthing partner to learn effective labor/birth positions, breathing techniques, and pelvic floor prep maneuvers to minimize or prevent tearing.



90 minutes

in-person or virtual

Ready, Set, Birth!

This 3-week group workshop series is focused on preparing your mind, body, and birthing partner for an empowered birth experience.

Program includes birth education, pain management skills, and birth planning assistance.


Each visit 60 minutes | in-person

(check events page for availability)

Prenatal Physio

This 12-visit physical therapy package is designed to maximize birth preparedness, minimize birth injury, and elevate postpartum recovery.

Each visit is 60-minutes

one on one with Dr. Brie, includes both ‘PushPrep’ & ‘Ready, Set,  Birth!’ programs, dynamically addresses your unique needs/goals, and includes a

Pelvic Gem BirthPrep Push Kit!

Each visit is 60 minutes

in-person only

Pain is not a normal part of pregnancy. 

Participating in a focused physical therapy program

can help ensure the pregnancy experience you expect &

better prepare Mom and Baby for the labor, delivery, and recovery they deserve.

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