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Pilates Work Out

Wellness Classes

Each class has a max class size of 10 participants. These class sizes are intentionally small to provide you a more personalized experience as our expert instructors can then focus on providing safe instruction keeping individualized needs in mind. Due to intimate class sizes, preregistration and payment is required to attend classes.

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Pilates FUNdamentals

This foundational Pilates class focuses on building the fundamentals of pilates. Each class works on introducing and progressing through the traditional core movements of Pilates.

No prior experience needed.

Safe for all fitness levels.

Core Restore

This class is a strengthening class focused on restoring the abdominals and their connection to the body. Specifically safe for Diastasis Recti healing.

Perfect for all fitness levels.

(check events page for availability)

Sizzle & Sculpt

Turn up your pilates practice with this functional MAT class. This class builds on the core movements introduced in FUNdamentals and steps it up for a challenge to wake up muscles you never knew you needed.

No prior experience required.

Safe for all fitness levels.

Pilates Gem Membership

Bundle and Save

with a Pelvic Gem Pilates Membership.

To learn more,

reserve your mat &

request your membership in person. 

Mobility Magic

This class is intended for improving or maintaining pelvic floor mobility. With a full body approach, instruction will focus on the mind/body connection to movement for achieving a stronger pelvic floor. Safe for all fitness levels.

(coming soon)


Are you ready to reclaim your POWER?

This 8-week LIVE virtual series offers: TWO guided workouts / week

curated exercise assignments for between sessions

TWO 1:1 virtual coaching calls

& more.

(check events page for availability) 

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